A New Life of Love, Hope and Laughter


On this damp and cold Autumn morning I look out at the trees at the back of my home shaking in the mild wind as they lose their beauty and their leaves drift in the wind down to the grass.

But these trees in the long winter to come will still protect me, my family and my home from the ravages of the winter and the Atlantic storms that will pound our land.

But come the springtime as the lambs leap across the fields, the cattle produce their calves, the daffodils sprout from the ground and the buds of new life appear we will witness the rebirth of our trees .

And so it goes with each autumn and winter the circle of life will continue. 

So it is as we go through our lives, after each illness / trauma / tragic event we try to hide our emotions and our worries and stand tall in the face of such adversity, but sometimes it all becomes overwhelming.

When this happens, just like my trees, we end up bare of feelings, self worth, confidence and belonging in this world.

As  we enter into our own winter of darkness and depression and without hope we are inside crying out for help and wondering will anyone hear us, will that helping hand reach out to us.

Then from nowhere that hand appears, the hand of love, the hand of hope, the hand of laughter, the hand of new life, just as the darkness of winter ends and the light of spring appears and the buds on my trees once again bloom into life, so also will the illness of depression be overcome with a new spring and light, as our buds of self-confidence, self worth, and our sense of place in this world starts to bloom a new beginning to life,  to be welcomed and clasped as we listen to the trees shaking  in the soft breeze and the rivers flow in a bright sun of a new Summer.