My Helping Hand And My Toolbox

One year on I have had my ups and downs with my mental health it took 18 months to get to this point where for the first time in years i am free and happy with myself and my life and my decisions , this is because with the benefit of CBT and THE  WRAP PROGRAM, and my own decision to take control of and understand the reasons for my illness, you see I suffer from a thing called, compassion off  ones self where I would have, have thought of the needs of others before myself , having this information and understanding my life, my self worth and self esteem has grown beyond my expectation’s
For this I need to thank my ongoing care by Dr Lyons and his staff in St Patrick’s hospital for mental health Dublin . also Sean Foy for my on going care, but most off all to my wife Catherine  who held my hands and loved me through this 1st year it is them  who with their help my medications have been seriously reduced and my life is now much happier and positive

Thank  you all .


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When things breakdown like our car or if we have an electrical or plumbing problem we go to the garage, or call  the electrician or plumber, and why do we do that ? because they have the tool box to fix the problem !!

As we struggle with the consequence of depression we too need a tool box, which can help us to fix things in our mind, to rebuild ourselves, and recover our own sense of self  worth  and well being.

There are five (5) Key Recovery concepts :

1 Hope

2 Personal Responsibility

3 Education

4 Self – Advocacy

5 Support

And issues that need attention, including:

Getting good healthcare and Medication management

There is much to hope for:

If  you experience disturbing emotional symptoms and behaviours, you can get well and stay well for long periods of time.

You can work towards and meet your goals. You can lead a happy and productive life.

You don’t need, nor will you benefit from dire predictions about your future

Your supporters and care providers should encourage you, help you feel better and assist in supporting you in staying well


Personal Responsibility:

You are the expert on yourself. You know what you need and want.

It’s up to you to take personal responsibility for your own wellness and your life. Sometimes this means facing up to the past and taking back control of what you have lost in the past

Those of us who have taken back this control and accept this responsibility achieve the highest levels of  wellness, happiness,and life satisfaction 


Learn all you can about yourself so you can make good decisions about your treatment , lifestyle, career, Relationships, living space, leisure time activities, and all aspects of your life.

Educate  yourself, read about your illness, use the internet to your advantage to gain information, this can be the new beginning in life that after years of suffering you have yearned for, so take it up with both hands, cherish it, and enjoy your new life, but this can’t be achieved without your TOOLBOX        The  five key recovery concepts in this article should be in your toolbox as I found them to be the basis for my ongoing and so far successful wellness 

As I go through this series of articles I will hopefully be giving you more things to help fill your 

 Recovery Toolbox.

In the meantime thank you for reading this article and I hope it will be of help to you.

For a more detailed look at the WRAP program Google ; Mary Ellen Copeland Phd

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom,