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Listening to Jonathan Powell on rte this morning, he raised a few very serious questions about Brexit Theresa May and the Conservative Party

The most important thing he pointed out was/is the attitude of the Brexiteers to the Good Friday Agreement, ( GFA) where some are advocating its removal to be replaced by majority rule.

In the mean time the British are attempting to gerrymander the voting boundaries in favour of the unionist parties, while they ignore the fact that the vast majority of the nationalist community live and work in the areas of Derry, Mid-Ulster, South Down, Armagh, Fermanagh, South Tyrone,while the unionists control,: North Down, North Belfast , East Belfast , East Derry County,  East Antrim

So as the last Westminster  election and the assembly elections shows the unionist majority is indeed a very flimsy one.

Over the past 20 years the GFA has guaranteed that a political settlement can be reached but the behaviour of the British Conservative party have now put all that at risk

So lets  ask the British do they want a return to this

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OR to continue  with the efforts to maintain the peace process Image result for northern ireland peace process

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