To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question On The British Brexit

It takes time to get your head around why a country wants to walk away from a market of 500 million people across 27 nations to pursue an unidentifiable future, unless of course you happen to be a little Britten who still thinks that Britannia will once again rule the waves, or Boris Johnson and his crew who think they are the Donald Duck Trump of Britain and think they can make Britain great again brigade. 

So I have to ask myself where in the name of sanity did these people get their education, only to discover that they are all from families of the British elite,  mostly educated at Oxford or Cambridge and in many cases are straight out of the officer class of the British Army, Navy, or Air Force – you know the type,  stick their heads in the air and hold their noses as they walk past the poor, the people that they have condemned to a state of poverty as they move their assets overseas and to Europe. 

Now it is none of my business if the British wish to be satisfied with the crumbs from their tables, that is their choice. But this is not the choice of the people of Northern Ireland or Scotland who voted to remain within the European family nations where justice and equality and freedom for all 27 members is the corner stone of their policy. 

So why does it concern me? that question is easy answered, its a thing called the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) which has brought peace to the island of Ireland where a 40 year war was fought by the Nationalist / Republican people of Northern Ireland  to remove the cancer of the British from our land. In that war over 3,000 people died and 1000’s more suffered mental health problems, serious injuries,  marriages destroyed and families broken. But the GFA  brought all that to an end as the border between the northern statelet of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland was removed which meant that we had / have an all Ireland economy and no physical border on the Island which made the possibility of an all Ireland unitary state by peaceful means and a border poll where the vote will be held every 7 years  which is controlled by the British (who to date have denied the northern people that choice), possible because of the British and Irish membership of the European Union.

So for us Irish who live on this small island this is a disaster of huge proportions, and is a threat to our peace and prosperity like nothing ever did in the past. Even though the GFA is an International Agreement and is lodged as such in the United Nations in New York, the British now seem to be intent on ripping it up. What I saw on television today they now intend to reinstate a physical border once again on the island of Ireland to satisfy the so called Democratic Unionist Party,  even though they only represent 32% of the Northern Irish  people and that 54% of all who voted in the British referendum voted to remain in the European Union. This is /was a democratic vote under the supervision of the British which they now ignore, mind you it is not the first time the British ignored the democratic wishes of the Irish people (1918 Ireland voted in a British general election for independence from Britain which they ignored).  It was 4 years after that and a war for independence in which 1000’s of people died that once again the British partitioned Ireland by giving  the six north eastern counties to an orange order Protestant  state for a Protestant people and Catholics need not apply.  That state is now called  Northern Ireland where the Irish community who live there are now British subjects, a title they reject as they are Irish in their own land, all be it a part which is under illegal British rule. All of this led to a continuous spate of unrest against this state, so this is one of my questions, are we now on the way back to the future, at the wimp of a government who treat the Irish people and nation as some kind of slaves who have to jump to their wishes? !!!

As there are  many other reasons why we Irish want to remain in the European Union and one of them is food standards across the Union, I would like to explain where I am coming from.  A couple of years ago I went into my local Tesco, it was the middle of Summer and I wanted to buy some salad/veg so I picked up an iceberg lettuce, it was from Holland, but the scallions were from Kenya. Now remember it was the middle of Summer when our own greens would be plentiful and available, so I put them back and left in the knowledge that our farmers produce would be in some other supermarket, so I went to my local Lidl and to my surprise what did I find, 90% of all veg on the shelves was Irish and presented to the highest standards and most important it was fresh. Then I found that 100% of all meats, chicken and ham/pork,  potatoes etc were all Irish north and south, and no border to delay its delivery to the supermarket with less travel and none of whatever it is that is sprayed on goods from overseas to maintain its so called freshness.

I also found the same standards in ALDI, Supervalu and Dunnes Stores.  Freshness and quality produce produced to European standards for food by Irish farming families without breaking the rules. As I continued to do my weekly shop the one thing that pleased me was the knowledge that all the goods I bought that was produced within the European Union had to meet certain standards  as per the EU rules which gave me a sense of security and quality.       

Above are a few products which I buy from Aldi, Lidl, Dunnes Stores and Supervalu. All are produced within the EU and all to the same standards and at fair prices which the working family can afford. There are other reasons that need to be considered here, these companies all buy other products and fresh foods for their shops across Europe which sustains more jobs for rural Ireland and this business is continuing to build  across Ireland.  All of this progress has been made in the last 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement was signed and put into action, an action which has greatly benefited all the people on this island, all of which is now at risk because of a few people in the British parliament who wish to, in my mind to disrupt the full potential of this Island called Ireland  

Ireland united Gaelic and Free